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Fleury SA is a swiss company that was founded in 1964. We are developping innovative concept of modular transfer machine. We are also producing components for well-known watchmaking brands using our machines park.

modulo is a modular transfer machine system that includes different types of machining and assembly modules. Our history is based on dry machining for watchmaking. Thanks to a lubrication system, there is also the possibility of machining hard materials such as steel and titanium.

Transfer lines


The fully automated manufacturing solution with modular linear transfer machines. Your partner for the manufacturing of small components.

Fleury SA has over 50 years’ experience in machine construction for the production of main plates and bridges in the watchmaking industry. There are currently over 500 modulo units in use.

modulo enables you to manufacture main plates and bridges in a single operation without stamping, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The production capacity of your production line is always adjustable to your production batch sizes. Designed for batch sizes of 100 to 500,000 components, modulo guarantees a minimal reaction time with minimal production costs.

Modulo 5

The modular5-axis linear transfer machine for fully automated production.

Our new modulo5 is a 5-axis linear transfer machine able to combine machining processes such as milling, turning, boring and grinding in a single operation and to completely machine the workpiece on 6 sides. Each manufacturing unit is equipped with two 5-axis processing units and has its own control system, as well as automated pallet handling. Since modulo5 is fully automated, production can continue around the clock, 7 days a week.

Due to its high power density (13kW per spindle) and for its small foot print, modulo5 offers an extremely competitive solution for the production of workpieces from small batches to mass production.

Modulo HP

The new high productivity modulo is the solution for high volume production needs.

Our modulo HP linear transfer machines are an ultra-competitive solution.

With our multi-process machining solution composed of 6, 8, 10, or 12 stations and our optimized infra-structure, we can offer an unbeatable price-to-machining station ratio under CHF 100,000.

Perfectly suited for high volume production, the modulo HP can be composed of different machining stations for maximum flexibility.

Our RE-4 station with 4 spindles on turret head, offers the best value in terms of productivity, flexibility, and quick return on investment.

Case studies

Relief valves for the automotive industry

Production target : 1.8 millions of pieces per year. With two modulo5 machines and a robot for placing on palette, Fleury can guarantee to produce 1’833’499 pieces in one year. Discover how Fleury is able to succeed this challenge !

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